venerdì 23 giugno 2017

OFS Netherlands elective chapter 2017

The national Fraternity of OFS-Netherlands held an elective chapter in Huiz Elizabeth, Denekamp from 9th to 11th June this year. OFS-Netherlands has some 230 members belonging to some 13 local Fraternities. The national elective chapter is a very important moment of the life of each national fraternity. At this event, all professed members (or delegates, according to the national Statutes and as is the case here) come together to choose by secrete ballot the Council and Minister who are to guide and animate the national fraternity for the next mandate, which is generally a three-year period.  

The elective session will normally be preceeded by a working session particularly marked by a report from the out-going national Minister covering the past three years, and a financial report from the Treasurer or Financial Secretary. Other reports too may be made. The eletive session of the recent chapter was precided by Màrton Beke, OFS Hungary, delegated by Tibor Kauser, OFS General minister. The working session was coordinated by Fr. Rob Hoogenboom, OFM Provincial Minister of the Netherlands. 

The Conference of General Spiritual Assistants was represented by Fr. Francis Bongajum Dor, OFMCap. At the elections that was done on Saturday June 10th after the normal invocation of the Holy Spirit, the following were chosen to constitute 

the national Council for the next three years: 
Theo Reuling - National minister (first term)
Marianne Versteegh - National vice minister (First term)
Michel Versteegh - Treasurer and International Councilor Substitute
Secretary - Gijs ter Veer
Formator - Jan Biljsma
National Spiritual assitant (Not eletected) - Wim Pot, OFM.

lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Immagine Ben Brevoort (OFMCap)

Fra. Benitius Brevoort, OFMCap. 
Nascita: 04/03/1938 in Kota Raja, Diocesi di Meda, Indonesia.
Professione temporanea: 31/08/1957
Professione Perpetua: 31/08/1960
Ordinazione Presbiterale: 22/02/1964
Assistente Generale OFS-GiFra: 1990-2002
RIP: 17/01/2017 in Medan, Indonesia
Guaridano del Convento di Garbatella-Roma, 2012-2015.

martedì 17 gennaio 2017

Ben Brevoort

Fra Benitius Brevoort, OFMCap
(Fra Ben Brevoort)
Assistente Generale OFS-GiFra  (1990-2002)
                   RIP, Indonesia, 17 febbraio 2017

“Lui era un buon uomo e un buon frate che ha dato molto all'OFS, e sicuramente a tante altre persone e istituzioni. Ricordo come fino all'anno scorso ancora ci aiutava come interprete durante gli incontri della Presidenza con chiarezza e efficacia, con generosità e semplicità.  Che Dio gli dia il premio di un servo buono e fedele.”       Fr. Amando Trujillo Cano, TOR.

 “Fra Ben, buon uomo e buon frate ha fatto molto all'OFS, e sempre ci aiutava con generosità e semplicità. Che Dio gli dia il premio di un servo buono e fedele”.  Fr. José Antonio Cruz Duarte,  Fr. Pedro Zitha. OFM.

"It is with a heavy heart that I offer my most sincere condolences on the death of our brother, Fr. Ben Brevoort.  I have know Fr. Ben for almost as long as I have been a Secular Franciscan, having first met him when he came on a visit to the National Fraternity of Canada in the early 90's.  Since then, our paths have crossed frequently.  He was so gifted, especially with languages, and the OFS International Presidency benefited greatly from his skills in this area and his willing generosity to share his gifts with us.  He was such a wonderful example of a brother who loved and embraced his vocation. I think it can also be said that he had a "weak spot" for Secular Franciscans.  He will surely be missed by the entire Franciscan Family. You, along with the members of your Capuchin community, will be in my thoughts and prayers during these days of grief and loss. I am consoled with the thought that he will surely continue to intercede for all of us ... on the other side of the veil". Doug Clorey, ofs  Cornwall, Prince Edward Island,  CANADA.

mercoledì 16 novembre 2016


Per saperne di più e in breve sull'Ordine Francescano Secolare:

Saint Elizabeth, Patroness of the Secular Franciscan Order.

Image of St. Elizabeth of Hungary


Feastday: November 17
Patron of bakers, beggars, brides, charities, death of children and Patronness of the Secular Franciscan Order, (together with Saint Louise, King of France).
Birth: 1207
Death: 1231

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, also known as St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, was born in Hungary on July 7, 1207 to the Hungarian King Andrew II and Gertrude of Merania.
As soon as her life began, she had responsibilities from being a royal pressed upon her. While Elizabeth was very young, her father arranged for her to be married to Ludwig IV of Thuringia, a German nobleman. Because of this plan, Elizabeth was sent away at the age of four for education at the court of the Landgrave of Thuringia.
Elizabeth's mother, Gertrude, was murdered in 1213, when Elizabeth was just six-years-old. According to history, the murder was carried out by Hungarian noblemen due to the conflict between Germans and the Hungarian nobles. From this point on, Elizabeth's perspective on life and death dramatically changed and she sought peace with prayer.
Happiness was returned to her young life in 1221 when she was formally married to Ludwig, whom she deeply loved. Together the couple had three beautiful children, two of whom became members of nobility and the third entering the religious life, becoming abbess of a German convent.
Elizabeth continued to live a life full of prayer and a service to the poor. Ludwig, who was now one of the rulers of Thuringia, supported all of Elizabeth's religious endeavors even though she was a part of the royal court.  She began to lead an austerely simple life, practiced penance, and devoted herself to works of charity. She used her royal position to advance her mission for charity.
In 1223, Franciscan friars arrived in Thuringia and taught 16-year-old Elizabeth all about Francis of Assisi's ideals. She then forth decided to live her life mirroring his.
She wore simple clothing and set aside time every day to take bread to hundreds of poor people in her land. Ludwig and Elizabeth were politically powerful and lived with a remarkable generosity toward the poor.
In 1226, when disease and floods struck Thuringia, Elizabeth took to caring for the victims. It is said she even gave away the royal's clothing and goods to the afflicted people. Elizabeth had a hospital built and provided for almost a thousand poor people daily.
Elizabeth's life was full of love and faith. However, tragedy struck when Ludwig passed away from illness in 1227. It is said upon hearing the news, she said, "He is dead. He is dead. It is to me as if the whole world died today." His remains were entombed at the Abbey of Reinhardsbrunn.
Elizabeth vowed to never remarry and to live a life similar to a nun, despite pressure from relatives.
Her vows included celibacy and an agreement of complete obedience to her confessor and spiritual director, Master Conrad of Marburg. His treatment of Elizabeth was very strict and often harsh. He held her to a standard that many saw as impossible to meet. He provided physical beatings and sent away her children. However, she continued to keep her vow, even offering to cut off her own nose, so she woud be too ugly for any man to want.
In 1228, Elizabeth joined the Third Order of St. Francis. Elizabeth, having received her dowry, founded a hospital in honor of St. Francis, where she personally attended to the ill. She ministered to the sick and provided support to the poor.
Elizabeth's life was consumed deeply by her devotion to God and her charitable labor. She passed away at the age of 24, on November 17, 1231 in Marburg, Hesse.
St. Elizabeth has been praised by Pope Benedict XVI as a "model for those in authority."

martedì 19 luglio 2016


Dalla pubblicazione della nuova Regola dell’Ordine Francescano Secolare il 24 giugno 1978, in diversi parti del mondo le relazioni tra i Frati e l’OFS sono entrati come in uno stato di adolescenza, segnato dalla crisi tra autonomia e interdipendenza. Mentre l’OFS si cerca ancora nella sua nuova identità definita dalla nuova Regola, molti frati si sono detti "l’OFS è ormai un Ordine, quindi non abbiamo niente da fare con esso". Questa situazione causa una doppia sofferenza per l’OFS in diversi parti del mondo, e tutta la famiglia Francescana e anche le Chiese particolari ne soffrono le conseguenze. È ovvio che dove i frati si impegnano per promuovere e assistere l’OFS secondo la sua natura attuale  definita dalla Chiesa, l’OFS si rinnova sia nello spirito sia nei membri. Tal è il caso tipico dell’Etiopia dove l’OFS era quasi sparito da anni.
Alcuni Frati e Suore che hanno partecipato alla Formazione in Addis Ababa

Fra Yohannes Wessen, (Custode) e Fra Labena Lemma 
L’OFS rinasce in Etiopia per l’impegno dei nostri Fratelli. I frati Cappuccini della Custodia Generale dell’Etiopia si sono mobilizzati  per rilanciare l’Ordine Francescano Secolare.
Tutto ha avuto inizio durante il Capitolo elettivo di 2012. Dopo di che il Ministro Generale,  Fra  Mauro Johri ha chiesto ai frati di promuovere l’OFS, il capitolo ha poi formulato una decisione a questo effetto. Di conseguenza, il Custode, Fra Yohannes Wessen ha nominato come animatore per l’OFS, fra Mathewos Ajabo. Subito, i frati si sono mossi per creare gruppi ad Addis Ababa, Awassa, Soddo  e altri. È alla fine di tre anni di cammino che fra Mathewos ha chiesto la visita del Consiglio di Presidenza CIOFS per valutare la possibilità di amettere alcuni di questi alla professione e quindi animare i frati Assistenti. È in risposta alla sua richiesta, che la Presidenza CIOFS ha deciso di mandare Jenny Harrington, OFS, e Fra Francis Dor, OFMCap, Assistente Generale per condurre la visita in Etipia dal 25 maggio al 1 giugno 2016.
Il 29 maggio, il primo gruppo di 24 personne ha fatto professione a Meganasse presso la Chiesa Parocchiale di San Francesco dei Frati Minori Cappuccini nella Diocesi di Endebr. Un secondo gruppo dovrebbe seguire tra pocco a Kanaffa, nella Diocesi di Soddo. Pian piano, seguiranno i gruppi di Addis Ababa, di Awassa ed altri. All’inizio, diversi tentativi sono state fatte per lanciare l’OFS in Etiopia, ma da quanto abbiamo raccolto, è sempre fallito per mancanza di Assistenza dai Frati  e della continuità. Auguriamo ai Frati dell’Etiopia e a questa fraternità OFS che rinasce, tutte le benedizioni dal Cielo per una crescita solida e rapida per la nuova evangelizzazione.
Un membro OFS in Awassa

FMM in Bushulo (Awassa) con Jenny Harrington
La cura spirituale e pastorale   dell’OFS è affidata dalla Chiesa al Primo Ordine Fracescano e al TOR. Spetta ai Superiori Maggiori erigere canonicamente le fraternità locali dopo la riquiesta dei membri secolari e assicurare l’Assistenza spirituale e pastorale alle Fraternità da loro erette, nominando assistenti ben preparati e disposti. L’Ufficio dell’Assistente Generale OFS si dispone ad aiutare le circoscrizzione per animare momenti di formazione per i Frati. 

domenica 13 settembre 2015

OFS-Madagascar: Congrès National 2-8 Septembre 2015

OFS-Madagascar a tenu un Congrès national du 2 au 8 septembre 2015 dans la ville de Manakara située au Sud est du pays dans le Diocèse de Farafangana où a vécu et est mort le vénérable Lucien Botova dont le procès de béatification a été introduit. Plus de 300 membre de l'OFS, de la Jeunesse Franciscaine ainsi que des Fioretti venus de toute l’île ont pris participé au Congrès - certain on entrepris de voyage de deux à trois jours pour y arriver. 
Le Conseil International OFS a été représenté par Jenny Harrington,Conseillère international pour la zone de langue anglaise  venant de l'Afrique du Sud; Michat Raout LeGrand, Conseillère international JeFra pour l'Afrique; et Fr. Francis Bongajum Dor, OFMCap. Assistant Général.
Le Congrès a été un moment important de formation, de partage ainsi que de prière en fraternité. C'était également un moment de témoignage de foi, et de la joie franciscaine dans cette partie du pays qui d'ailleurs depuis longtemps ne connait plus de présence  franciscaine.
Un groupe de Participants

La délégation CIOFS, Gerard Cécilien (Ministre National), un membre de la JeFra et Mgr Benjamin autour des reliques des Bhx Parents de ste. Thérèse de Lisieux.

Le Groupe des Assistant Spirituels et Animateurs

Mgr Alfredo, Administrateur Apostolique du diocèse de Farafangana qui a accueilli les Congressistes  et ensuite donné une Conférence sur la Lettre Encyclique Laudoto Si' du Pape François

Deux Évêques qui ont accueilli les Franciscains: L'ancien évêque et l'Administrateur Apostolique 

Le visage du vénérable Lucien Botovasoa, OFS,
tué en 1947

L'Eglise Paroissial où appartenait Lucien Botovasoa

Le frère et la soeur de Lucien Botovasoa qui sont venus donner leur témoignage sur le Vénérable 

Trans-section des Congressistes 

Un moment de détente en fraternité sur la plage

Frère Joseph Antoine, OFMCap.  Assistant Spirituel national

Jenny Harrington et Michat Raout LeGrand

Fiadanana sy hafaliana - Paix et Joie!